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In the 16th century AD, the Portuguese and Spanish came to the Moluccas – including Tidore – to search for spices, momonopoli trade and colonize the country and then mastered the islands. In an effort to defend itself, there have been several times a battle between the royal-empire in the Maluku Islands against the colonial Portuguese and Spanish. Sometimes, Tidore, Ternate, Bacan and Jailolo allied to the European colonial experience and the difficulty to conquer other kingdoms of Tidore.
After the death of the Portuguese, the Dutch came to Tidore with the same goal: monopoly and control of Tidore for the benefit of the Dutch themselves. In the history of the struggle in Tidore, the sultan, known most persistent and successful struggle against the Dutch was the Sultan Nuku (1738-1805 AD). For years, he fought to expel the Dutch from the Moluccas islands, including Ternate, Bacan and Jailolo. The struggle resulted in the surrender of the Netherlands in the Sultan Nuku on June 21, 1801 AD With it, Ternate, Tidore, Bacan and Jailolo back independence from foreign rule. England are also helping to drive the Dutch Tidore in then given the freedom to master Ambon and Banda, and entered into a treaty with Sultan Nuku, so that the relation between the two sides went pretty harmonious. At the time of this Sultan Nuku, Tidore reach the kingdom of glory and become a respected throughout the region, including by the European colonial. At the time of Sultan Nuku also, power to the Pacific island of Tidore. According to historical records Tidore, Nuku Sultan himself came and gave the name of the islands which he mastered, from Micronesia to Melanesia and the Solomon Islands. The names of the islands are still using the name to this day is Nuku Nuku hyphae, Nuku Oro, Nuku Maboro, Nuku Nau, Nuku Lae-lae, and Nuku Nuku Nono Fetau.
Along with the entry of European colonial rule, Christianity was also entered Tidore. However, due to the influence of Islam that is so entrenched, then religion is not successfully develop its influence in Tidore.
From the beginning of its establishment until today, 38 people have been ruling on the Sultan of Tidore. Currently, the ruling was the Sultan Hi. Djafar Shah. (Name and lineage of the other Sultans, from the beginning until the 37th is still in the process of data collection).
Kingdom of Tidore established since 1108 AD and stands as an independent kingdom until the end of the 18th century AD after that, the kingdom of Tidore is in Dutch colonial rule. After Indonesia gained its independence, Tidore became part of the Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).
In its heyday, the kingdom of Tidore include areas large enough to reach the Pacific Islands. Region around the island of Tidore which became part of its territory is Papua, group of islands of Raja Ampat and the island of Seram. In the Pacific Islands, Micronesia includes the power of Tidore, Marianas Islands, Marshall, Ngulu, Capita Gamrange Islands, Melanesia, Solomon Islands and some islands are still using the identity of Nuku, as Nuku Haifa, Nuku Oro, Nuku Nuku Maboro and Nau. Other areas included in the power of Tidore is Haiti and the Archipelago Nuku Lae-lae, Nuku Fetau, and Nuku Nuku Nono Wange.
5. Governance Structure.
System of government in Tidore fairly well established and running well. The highest structure of power in the hands of the sultan. Interestingly, Tidore not know your system when the crown prince as the other kingdoms in the archipelago. Selection is done through the mechanism of selection sultan candidates proposed from the Dano-dano Folaraha (clan representatives from Folaraha), which consists of Yade Fola, Fola Ake Sahu, Fola Fola Rum and Good. From these names, then choose one of them to become sultan.
When Tidore reached heyday in the era of Sultan Nuku, the system of government in Tidore had gone well. At that time, the sultan (kolano) assisted by a Council Wazir, in Tidore called Personality, custom nakudi se. The Council is led by the sultan and executing their duties handed over to Joujau (prime minister). Board members consist of Bobato pehak vizier secret (four parties bobato; semcam department) and representatives from the region of power. Bobato is tasked to manage and implement the decision of the Board of Wazir. Four bobato are: (1) pehak Labe, a kind of religious department in charge of Islamic issues. Labe pehak members consist of the kadhi, imam, preacher and modim, (2) pehak traditional areas of government and society that consists of Jojau, Capita Lau (warlords), Law Yade (external affairs minister), Law Soasio (affairs minister in) and Bobato Ngofa (minister of cabinet affairs), (3) Pehak Kompania (the field of defense and security) which consists of Kie Capita, and Capita Ngofa Major Jou, (4) pehak clerk led by a rank Tullamo (secretary of the kingdom). Underneath is Sadaha (head of household), Sowohi Kie (royal protocol field of spirituality), Sowohi China (a special protocol for Chinese affairs), Fomanyira Ngare (public relations empire) and Syahbandar (shipping paperwork). In addition to the above structure, there are other positions that help run the administration tasks, such as Gonone in charge of intelligence and Attack in charge of oil affairs propaganda.

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