However King Solomon in


However, King Solomon in all of his wisdom , did not sentence these two harlots to death for being harlots. Matter of fact, he did not even condemn to death the harlot, who accidentially killed her son in her sleep.

With Proverbs 6:23-29 we see, again, it is a woman who is married, playing the whore, as it mentions "adulteress" and "neighbor’s wife" .

On Proverbs 23:27 and Proverbs 29:3 we see it is unwise to keep company with harlots, because they are a deep ditch and you can waste your money on them, which correlates with the concept that sleeping with harlots or going to strip joints is "not God’s ideal" and against wisdom (yet is not a sin).

Here, we see that the people of God have forsaken Him and have gone after idols and their neighbor’s wife. I believe God’s statement here: "assembled themselves by troops in the harlot’s houses" shows the people’s self-seeking, self-gratifying mindset and their lack of concern whether these harlots were even married. Showing that they are truly a selfish, self-seeking, unruly, God ignoring generation of sinners. But, this does not here directly condemn all harlots as evil. We see in verse 8: "neighed after his neighbour’s wife" , which mirrors Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:28.

You may have thought about the fact that God judged Israel for her "whoredoms" . And this may in your mind convince you that God is against all forms of "whoredom". However, notice, God married Israel, meaning, Israel is His wife, as he "spread his skirt over her", which is what Boaz did with Ruth to signify marriage. So, in actuality, the problem is, Israel was cheating on God, and was being a "married prostitute", that is why God judged Israel.

You may ask, "Well what about these two passages?"

Will not "God destroy you" if you join yourself to a harlot?

Actually, this is a very fair question . After doing a bit of research, I discovered a few things of great relevance. First, the Historian Strabo indicates that in 7th Century B.C., Corinth’s Temple to Aphrodite employed 1000 cultic temple prostitutes. Now many historians seem to "squable" regarding whether it truly was 1000 temple prostitutes in 7th Century BC, as it is questionable what source Strabo used for this information. However , the only reason they contest is because Strabo was living in (ca. 64 BC-AD 21) and he would not have direct prima facie knowledge of what was occuring in 7th century Corinth. During Strabo’s time, Rome had already conquered Corinth and had significant influence over it, and much of the operations at the Temple of Aphrodite had diminished. So, if you research it, you will discover many seem to down play this idea of Corinth being filled with temple prostitutes.

HOWEVER , I found one very interesting line, which many seem to miss:

Isn’t that an interesting little statement? Most people in Corinth during the time of Paul, regularly regarded harlots as "devotees of Aphrodite" . So, in other words, they were not doing "official harlotry for Aphrodite", but still considered their "harlotry" unto Aphrodite. Would that not make them an unofficial "temple prostitute" in God’s sight? According to God’s Law, yes.

Now, I mentioned all of this, because a lot of "historians" downplay this "temple prostitute" idea. However, we are not looking for "official" temple prostitutes, but rather, harlots doing their service unto false gods, whether officially or unofficially. Now, lets discuss this passage of Paul’s. Notice, it says "ye are the temple of God" . Why would Paul mention you are the temple of God, while talking about "harlots", unless he was directly refering to the "temple prostitutes" of Corinth? So, it is about looking at the scripture in context to the time, location and people being written to.

Further, Paul seems to be making an argument against sleeping with these harlots, by saying "your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost". So, saying the body is a temple, and that bringing an idol into a temple would "defile" it. So, if it was refering to a normal prostitute, it does not make a lot of sense to argue this way. But, if he is refering to these temple prostitutes, it makes a great deal of sense, as she is worshipping an idol and you are bring her body, an "idolatrous body temple", and making it one with your body, a "temple to the Holy Ghost", hence defiling the temple of God. For which, God would destroy you as a result.

Last, it says "ye are bought with a price" . What is this refering to? It is refering to the marriage design instituted in the Old Testament. In that a man would pay the "dowry" or "price" for his bride and she is then his wife. So, you are bought with a price and are married to Jesus Christ. Now, a question for you: "If you are married to Jesus Christ, can you marry another?" The answer to that question is "No" . But, the Bible makes it clear that Christian men and women can marry. Therefore, it is not speaking of physical marriage, but rather spiritual marriage. So, Paul is saying you are to flee fornication, because you are spiritually married to Jesus Christ. And from this, we can see that this fornication violates your spiritual marriage to Christ. Since it is not refering to physical marriage (as you are allowed to marry another Christian) , it is refering to a fornication that is "spiritual" . And looking at the preceding verses, we see it discussing "harlots". How can harlots make you cheat on God spiritually? Only if there is idolatry involved . Therefore, Paul is speaking of temple harlotry.

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