Berattigade massageterapeuter


Berattigade massageterapeuter accepterar att folja en etisk kod som forbjuder sexuella massage. Faktum ar att om ett legitimt massageterapeut ar domd for att ge sexuell massage, alias prostitution, hon / han kan forlora sin licens massage, disciplinara atgarder fran sina professionella organisation och hindras fran att utfora professionell massage….
Licensierade massageterapeuterer i massagetekniker liksom lamplig drapering metoder for att sakerstalla ditt konsorgan aldrig utsatts for under din massage. I massage skolan lar man sig om hudakommor och hur man undviker problem, om god hygien och allmanna halsotillstand. Licensierade massageterapeuter genomgar omfattande tester i varje massage klass.
En massage session kan vara en underbar, positiv, avslappnande upplevelse. Eller det kan vara ett satt att lindra muskelsmartor, laka fran skada eller hjalpa dig att battre hantera stress. Vad det inte ar en oppen inbjudan att trakassera, forslag eller smeka massageterapeut!

Prostitute in Sweden SEX AGENCY

In 1999 paying for sexual services was prohibited in Sweden.
Since only the clients are criminalized, while prostitution itself remains legal, this law is a unique experiment internationally. What were the reasons for this law, and what is the outcome so far?
While those politicians who created the law claim that it has been successful, the truth is different. Criticism is growing; bad side effects are showing. And the prostitutes themselves are still very much against it.
Sweden has never had much prostitution, compared to most other countries. According to an investigation made by the government in the mid-nineties, Sweden had about 2500 prostitutes, 650 of whom were street prostitutes; half of the latter were on drugs. Sweden has a population of nearly 9 millions.
Prostitutes were being helped by special groups of social workers, and by the extensive social welfare system. In the last years even clients with sex addiction were offered help, and the programs reported good success. This work was stopped when the new law came, instead clients were to be seen as criminals and all the money was given to the police.
Considering the very small extent of prostitution in Sweden, and the vast social programs existing, why was prostitution considered to be such a big problem that this new law was "necessary"? Why was the law designed so to only forbid the buying but not the selling of sex? To understand this, an explanation of the ideological climate in Sweden is needed.
A radical feminist movement with strong puritan strains has grown strong in Sweden in later years, and it has affected all political parties as well as the public debate very much. According to these ideas all women are subordinate to men, in such an extent that you cannot talk about women having a free will. Women are victims of the "patriarchy", and should therefore be protected by the state from doing "wrong" things – even against their own will.
Prostitution is not seen as a social problem, but rather as a symptom of the inequality between the sexes. "Prostitution is the strongest expression of men’s oppression and abuse of women. It is violence against women." According to this view, no woman can possibly choose to sell sexual services. Consent doesn’t count. She is always a victim. Therefore the sex clients are made criminals, but not the prostitutes. The law is formally gender neutral, but in the proceeding debate the prostitutes were always called "the women", and the clients "the men". By making prohibition a feminist question, judicial and social objections became unimportant. The important thing was to punish "the men".
To this should be added the long Swedish tradition of social engineering, and state paternalism. One of the main arguments for the law was that it was necessary to "mark that ‘we’ don’t accept prostitution in ‘our’ society". That way, they idealistically believe that their own Utopia will be made real eventually. Even if some of them might realise that the law would not put an end to "the world’s oldest profession", they still wanted their symbol-law just for it’s own sake.
After a long time of lobbying by certain extreme radical feminist groups the Social Democrats’ party congress 1998 decided that sex purchase should be prohibited. There was still no majority among the members of Parliament, but the law was pushed through with the so-called "party-whip" – everybody had to vote according to the party’s line. From January 1st, 1999, it is illegal to buy or try to buy sexual services in Sweden. But legal to offer and sell sex.
When the criminalization was suggested, many important people and organisations were against it. Amongst others were the government’s highest judicial experts, Lagr├ądet, the Minister of Justice, many social workers, and the prostitutes themselves. All were simply run over by the prohibitionists. They didn’t bother about any objections based on facts, they didn’t look at international experiences. Their ideology was all that counted not the reality.
The objections to prohibition were mainly the following:

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